What is Tips and Trip?

It's your pocket notebook to remember the best spots you have seen in your trips and in your town. If you don't want to forget a great restaurant, a magic park, a nice bar, a wild club, a fancy café, a relaxing spa, a trendy shop, and whatever you like, just add them on Tips and Trip. You can also share your tips and take inspiration by others' suggestions visiting their profiles or browsing the city list.

Should I have an account to browse the contents?

Nope, you don't.

Should I have an account to add a tip or a picture?

Yes, you do. We need to know who you are to protect this collaborative website from evil persons who might want to sabotage it!

How do I register and login to Tips and Trip?

Your first time on Tips and Trip you can make a quick registration from the registration page.
If you already have an account enter the login page, or login/create a new account with Facebook Connect clicking on the "f connect" blue button you find here, here, and on top of the homepage.

Tell me the truth: will you spam me if I give you my email address?

Noooooooo, we won't! We promise! We hate spam as much as you do. We'll just inform you when someone comments your tips .

How do I modify my profile?

Just click on the profile green link on the top right corner of any page. You can change your profile picture, your email and add addictional info about you.

How can I add a tip?

To add a tip you need to have an account in Tips and Trip (if you are not registered follow the steps in the FAQ just a few lines up).
Once you're in, you can easily insert your tip by clicking the green link "Add a Tip" in the header or clicking on the box in the sidebar.

How long and detailed should be my tip description?

There are no rules, but we suggest you add as many details as you can. This way you'll be more helpful to other people interested in your tip and you'll remember the place much better.

How many picture can I add?

As much as you want! More pics you'll add more useful your tip will be.

How can I edit wrong info about a place?

In every location page (ie here) you can edit info, add some pictures, report duplicate (in case there's already an existing page about the same place) and report abuse (in case the content of the tip is not appropriate). You can do one/all these actions clicking on the green link "add or edit these info".

There are two or many pages about the same place. How can I report this and merge the pages in one?

Enter the page you want to merge and click on on the green link "add or edit these info" and then on "report duplicate".

I've found inappropriate contents in the info of a place page. How can I report this to the administrator of the website?

Click on on the green link "add or edit these info" in the place page and then on "report abuse".

I've found an inappropriate content in a user tip or comment. How can I report this to the administrator of the website?

Click on on the green link "inappropriate?" under the inappropriate user tip in the place page.

I've found an inappropriate picture in a tip. How can I report this to the administrator of the website?

Click on on the green link "is this inappropriate?" under the inappropriate picture in the place page.

What's the difference between tips and comments?

Tips are related to a place (restaurant, bar, club, theatre, etc); comments are related to a user's particular tip.
Tips are your suggestions and notes about a place you want to review or write down to remember in a future.
When there's already an existing tip made by another user or by yourself you can comment them adding your point of view about that evaluation.

Where can I find all my tips?

Once you are logged in click on the "My Tips" green link in the header.

How can I manage my tips and pictures?

At the moment is not possible. We are still working on this part and on some others. Please, be patient and check again in a future, this is a self funded project and we do as much as we can.

How can I contact members of the staff?

Visit the contact page and choose the person you are interested in. We'll be happy to answer your questions :)